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This fruit is regular oval, medium to large sized, 12 to 24 ounces, is a colorful fruit often turning dark red. Firm flesh, high in fiber and has good storage quality.

This fruit is large (20-26 oz.) ovate tapering with slight nose-like protuberance above its tip. Green to orange-yellow as it ripens; firm flesh with a piney sweetness and minimal fiber surrounding the seed area. Rich flavor and small seed earn its reputation as one of the finest late varieties.

This fruit is medium sized, red in colour. Moderate fiber, mild in flavour, one of the earliest varieties available each year.

This fruit is small, flat, oblong shape, 6 - 12 ounces, greenish yellow to deep golden when ripe; delicious, very sweet, rich in flavor and close to fiber free.

Our Mangoes Varities

A delicious sweet tropical fruit with a slight resin flavour.

More mangos are eaten fresh all over the world than any other fruit. We grow following four exclusive varieties:

  • Tommy Atkins
  • Keitt
  • Irwin
  • Ataulfo

These Mangoes can be cut & eat as well as used for juice also. These varities of mango fruits are much more nutritious than any other varities of mangoes grown in other parts of our country. As such, they have great demand in the world market particularly in the super market of European countries and United States. We have been certified with Eurepgap and Natures Choices protocols. Our mangoes come to market straight from our farm.

  • Clean
  • Free from blemishes, insect damage, fungal infection
  • Uniform size and ripeness
  • Condition
  • No latex stains
  • No harvest wounds, bruises or punctures
  • No insect or disease damage
  • Fruit at the required stage of harvest maturity
  • Fruit at the required stage of ripeness

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