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Manga Rica Social Responsibility

Manga Rica Social Responsibilities - The Local Community

  • Employers: Free training and up-grade courses for employers.
  • Association of development: Finance programme for developing drainage infrastructure.
  • Local Communities: Donation of fruits to hospitals, house for elders, orphanage, prisoners, schools and colleges.
  • Liberia Town Hall: Finance programmes to construct and repair roads and drainage infrastructure.


"Cuento con una mano Amiga"

Manga Rica has a long-standing commitment to promoting social values. The project "Cuento con una mano amiga" ensures equal opportunities among all the children of our community.

At the beginning the project was created by the Interdisciplinary Team of the Barrio La Cruz School in Liberia Guanacaste and currently is financed by Manga Rica S.A. who provides economic support to 16 students who need financial help.

The main objective of the scheme is to improve the quality of life for students through the provison of health care , education and through self-development. Manga Rica is committed to extending the scope of this scheme by supporting even more students, and to a greater finnacial level, in the future.

Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilitySocial Responsibility

Manga Rica's aim is to guarantee the quality and safety of mangos during every stage of the production process, through clear, be
definited and stable procedures.

Manga Rica Acreditations

Manga Rica Acreditations - Mangos Costa Rica Mangoes