Mango varieties

A delicious sweet tropical fruit with a slight resin flavour. More mangos are eaten fresh all over the world than any other fruit. We grow following four exclusive varieties:


Tommy Atkins

A mildly sweet mango, has firm flesh and grows to be a medium or large size. Green and organge-yellow spots accent its dark red skin.



A sweet and fruity mango with less fiber, has firm, juicy flesh and grows to be a large size. The skin ranges from dark to medium green and is sometimes accented with a pink blush.



A mango with a mild yet sweet flavor, has sweet, juicy flesh and grows to be a small size. Irwin is known for its dark red blush skin.



A mildly sweet, limited fibers, deep cheery red blush with a green background, shape oblong with pointed ends and not have raised shoulders.

Honey (Ataulfo)

The sweetest mango we grow, has delicate and smooth flesh and grows to be a small size. Honey is known for its golden yellow skin.

Did you Know?

Nutrition Facts

Mangos are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds – especially Vitamins A and C. 100g of fresh mangos provides 25% of the daily recommended levels of Vitamin A. This high level of Vitamin A promotes good vision, healthy cancer, and combats certain types of cancer. The high levels of Vitamin C help support a healhy immune system. Mangos are also an excellent source of vitman-B6, which helps prevent coronary artery disease and strokes.

The benefits of Mangos are numerous, but the main advantages are the following: blood pressure management, boosted brain and bone health, protection from vision loss, a lowered risk of heart disease and cancer, increased immunity, and anti-aging properties. Who knew being healthy could be so delicious?

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